Carnival Of Math February 2020

A Collection Of Math and Science Blog Posts From Around The World

Final Look at 2019: School, Science and Education
by Frederick Koh
A detailed review of 2019 examining science, school and education related events.

Hypot – A story of a ‘simple’ function
by Mike Croucher
Even the most simple looking mathematical functions can be difficult to implement on computers perfectly.  In this post, I look at an extremely common computation where the mathematics can be understood by children and yet efficient and bug-free implementation is complex and the subject of modern research.

Convergence rate of random walks
by John Cook
In some cases, random walks rapidly become more uniformly distributed, quickly going from obviously not uniform to apparently uniform.

Attracted to Attractors
by Ari Rubinsztejn
In this post 3 different chaotic attractions are visualized.

More Modular Knitting
by Pat Ashforth
Geometry in knitting (even for those who ‘can’t do maths’). How many different shapes can be knitted using only 45, 90 and 135 degree angles?

The Multiples of Me
by Sam Hartburn
The Multiples of Me is a poem about prime numbers, and why they needn’t be sad about having no factors.

Two dimensional tessellations at the Curious Minds Club
by Debbie Pledge
I run a recreational maths after school club in England. The post shows I got the children to explore the regular and semi-regular tessellations.

Australian Mathematicians
by LThMath
At the start of January we wanted to do something on our Facebook page to raise awareness about all the problems Australia has been through in the last period. We were shocked at the situation there.  For 2 weeks we researched and wrote more about Australian mathematicians and their work. In addition, each post has a link where you can donate for different charities and organizations. In this post we want to put together all the information we have discovered in those 2 weeks, including the mathematicians and where you can still donate to help.